Copy of a Letter sent by the Author’s Master to the Publisher.

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Original Source: "Copy of a Letter sent by the Author's Master to the Publisher." In . London: Archibald Bell, 1773.

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The following is a Copy of a LETTER sent by the
Author’s Master to the Publisher.

PHILLIS was brought from Africa to America, in the Year 1761, between Seven and Eight Years of Age. Without any Assistance from School Education, and by only what she was taught in the Family, she, in sixteen Months Time from her Arrival, attained the English Language, to which she was an utter Stranger before, to such a Degree, as to read any, the most difficult Parts of the Sacred Writings, to the great Astonishment of all who heard her. 1.

As to her WRITING, her own Curiosity led her to it; and this she learnt in so short a Time, that in the Year 1765, she wrote a Letter to the Rev. Mr. OCCOM* , the Indian Minister, while in England. 2.

She has a great Inclination to learn the Latin Tongue, and has made some Progress in it. This Relation is given by her Master who bought her, and with whom she now lives. 3.


Boston, Nov. 14, 1772.

Full Colophon Information

Genre: Prose
Subjects: Authorship, Colonial Society and Life, race, slavery
Period: 1750-1800
Location: New England
Format: Letters

This text was first published in 1773.

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