On Retirement

An Electronic Edition · Philip Freneau (1752-1832)

Original Source: Philip Freneau, "The Indian Burial Ground." In . Edited by Percy H. Boynton. New York: C. Scribner's Sons, 1918.

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BY HEZEKIAH SALEM A HERMIT’S house beside a stream 
With forests planted round,  
Whatever it to you may seem 
More real happiness I deem 
Than if I were a monarch crowned..

A cottage I could call my own 
Remote from domes of care;  
A little garden, walled with stone, 
The wall with ivy overgrown, 
A limpid fountain near,.

Would more substantial joys afford,.
More real bliss impart 
Than all the wealth that misers hoard,.
Than vanquished worlds, or worlds restored– 
Mere cankers of the heart! 

Vain, foolish man! how vast thy pride, 
How little can your wants supply!–  
‘Tis surely wrong to grasp so wide– 
You act as if you only had 
To triumph–not to die! .

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Genre: Poetry
Subjects: Early National Society and Life
Period: 1750-1800
Location: British America
Format: verse

The text of this document of originally published in 1788.

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