An Electronic Edition ยท Phillis Wheatley (1753-1784)

Original Source: "Preface." In London: Archibald Bell, 1773.

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Full Colophon Information

P R E F A C E.

T H E following PO E M S were written originally for the Amusement
of the Author, as they were the Products of her leisure Moments. She had no
Intention ever to have published them; nor would they now have made their
Appearance, but at the Importunity of many of her best, and most generous
Friends; to whom she considers herself, as under the greatest Obligations. 1.

As her Attempts in Poetry are now sent into the World, it is hoped
the Critic will not severely censure their Defects; and we presume they have
too much Merit to be cast aside with Contempt, as worthless and trifling
Effusions. 2.

As to the Disadvantages she has laboured under, with Regard to
Learning, nothing needs to be offered, as her Master’s Letter in the following
Page will sufficiently shew the Difficulties in this Respect she had to
encounter. 3.

With all their Imperfections, the Poems are now humbly submitted
to the Perusal of the Public.4.

Full Colophon Information

Genre: Prose
Subjects: Authorship, Colonial Society and Life, race, slavery
Period: 1750-1800
Location: New England
Format: Preface

This text was first published in 1773.

The text of the present edition was prepared from and proofed against "Preface." from Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral (London: Archibald Bell, 1773). In the header and text, personal names have been regularized according to the Library of Congress authority files as "Last Name, First Name" for the REG attribute and "First Name Last Name" for the element value.